Meet Mickey Wayne

My Name is Michael Wayne Naschke, Jr. (Mickey Wayne). I was born on May 28, 1974. In August of 1984 I was diagnosed and introduced to epilepsy. When you’re 10 years old, that sort of thing changes your life forever. Life for me is different....

When I hit my teens it was an interesting time as that was when the seizures started kicking in. It makes you feel so limited. While my friends were driving, I couldn’t. At 18 years old I went off the wall. I started drinking and getting into trouble. Many of my friends thought I would not make it too see my 30's. I felt the same.

On February 28, 1999 my neurologist told me, "Mickey, it’s either the alcohol or this new medicine". I had to stay in the hospital. I had to detox off a medicine & alcohol.. I sat there and prayed. I asked God If I could meet him halfway. Would he help me? And, he did.

On this new medication, I woke up to the world. In August 2000. I was given the chance to receive a Vegal Nerve Stimulator (VNS). This totally changed my life. All the things I have learned and the places I have been to studying epilepsy and communicating with other survivors - things I never thought I would or could do - has been incredible.

So, in conjunction with the Anita Kaufman Foundation & Purple Day, we are going to have an amazing "Purple Day" bicycle rally, all to bring awareness of epilepsy to Galveston and the world!

We are gonna rock it from Galveston TX to the world!!!!

Positive Vibrations,
Mickey Wayne

Pedal For Purple Day

The 4th Annual
Galveston Bike Ride
for epilepsy awareness
starts at The Press Box,
2401 Postoffice Street,
2:00 PM on March 22nd.

Pins, pens, shirts, and wristbands
will be for sale.

Decorate your bike and let’s pedal!

** **

Mayor Jaworski and City Council
proclaimed this day as
Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness
in the City of Galveston

in 2011.

Click to read the proclamation.

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